Toys for 2 years old toddlers that encourages more independent play

Let the fun begin! Your baby’s personality, sense of humor is really showing at this age. Your toddler is curious and ready to be physically and mentally challenged.

At two years old your toddler is ready to start learning pre-K readiness concepts such as sorting, colors, and basic shapes. It is also an age where you see a lot of pretend play happening and a burst of energy. Your toddler might love playing with balls, running around, and throwing things.

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What are good gifts for a 2 years old boy?

When shopping for toys for 2-year-old boys and girls, be sure to pick products that are educational and that match their interests.

What are the best educational toys for 2 year old?

To help you choose educational toys for 2 years old and get through the clutter of toys that are available out there, I have selected 8 of my favorite gifts for this stage that are both fun and educational.

Find a selection of toys for 2 years old that are both fun and educational

Educational Gifts for 2 years old Toddlers

1.Magna Tiles This has been my favorite purchase so far! and it’ has earned the spot of my featured image for this post. Magna tiles are a must along with Lego blocks because they encourage imaginative free play and storytelling! They work great for math and science and are often used in classrooms for STEM activities. Your toddler will work on the development of spatial and tactile skills as hey stack, sort, count and “click” together with their creations.

2. Color & Shape Puzzle – 2 years old is a great age to start working on teaching shapes and reinforcing primary color recognition. This tool not only works on those two skills but it works on critical thinking skills as your toddler stacks and put the puzzle together.

3. Bubble Machine  –  If you don’t have a bubble machine by now you should get one now. Bubbles are loved by all the kids and is a great tool for eye-hand coordination as they aim to pop the bubbles.

4. Wooden blocks – These blocks in the natural wood color are a great tool for encouraging creativity. Kids of all ages use them and can get creative with them. They come in different packages depending on the number of pieces you want.

5. Balance bike – I love Montessori and I try to incorporate their teachings when I can at home. This toy is one of their most recommended gifts for 2 years old to work on gross motor skills, confidence, and independence when riding. I have a bike with wheels and a balance bike and he loves both, but I love that the balance bike will give him the confidence he needs to learn to ride a regular bike.

6. Interactive Color Book – 2-year-olds are at the perfect age to absorb and learn the colors. This pop-a bubble book is fun, interactive and a great way to enhance learning.

“Due to a heightened sense of curiosity, imagination and discovery, toys for 2 years old should include drawing tools and chalkboards,” said educational toys expert Lauren Leisk.

Lauren Leisk

7. Train & Car tracks –Transportation cars, trains, and tracks is a new discovery for this age and they are obsessed with it. Providing tracks that can work for trains and cars is a great way to support creative play.

8. Play Kitchen –  Pretend play is fully at play here and providing things like a kitchen, a workbench or other equipment will support this developmental milestone. Kitchens are the most popular because they see us using it every day and they play by mimicking what we do.

I hope this gave you an idea of what to look for when searching for toys for 2 years old.

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