Best toys for 9 month old to help with learning and development

From standing to taking those first steps with the assistance your baby is starting to move more. toys for 9 month old that help with eye-hand coordination and fine motor skill development are great to help refine these skills.

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What are the best toys for 9 month old?

In order to understand what toys for 9 month old you should get, it is important to understand the skills that are being developed at this stage. Understanding what developmental milestones your baby is trying to achieve will help you understand and look for toys that help your baby practice and reach these goals.

What are the milestones for a 9 month old?

  • By nine months, the baby’s brain can process sounds better, which enables him to imitate sounds and noises that he hears. If you cough, they will imitate you and cough
  • Hand-eye coordination gets better.
  • By the end of nine months your baby will pull to stand, using the support of a stationary object, and can also stand at one place.
  • This time is a great time to create new peek-a-boo games, imitation and cause and effect.

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What kind of toys do 9 month olds like?

Toys for 9 month old should be toys that challenge your little one and stimulate his/her mind. Toys that are educational and that help him/her reach developmental milestones. At this age, babies learn through play so take every opportunity to teach and develop your little one’s mind.

How do I stimulate my 9 month old?

Peek-a-boo games are great for stimulation at this age. Crawling obstacles courses with pillows and cause and effect games are a favorite at this age. For more ideas check out the ebook Fun Under 1 with over 60 activities you can do at home to develop and play with your baby before their first birthday.

Now, let’s get into the recommended list toys for 9 month old that you can use until they reach the toddler years.

toys for 9 month old should be fun and educational, here is a quick guide you should look into

Educational toys for 9 month old

1. Learning Walker-  From all the walkers out there this is my favorite. It can be used sitting and also standing. It has a break on the wheels allowing your baby to be supported. Other walkers with no break are harder to use because they go too fast and your baby can’t keep up and this is why this one is my favorite of them all.

2. Alphabet Train – I love toys that you can use for a while and this one is one of them. This train is first used as a walker without the second piece attached and then as they get older the second piece is used. The songs, the interactive buttons are very entertaining and I love that it focuses on the weather, the ABC’s and colors. The additional pieces that come with it can be dropped in the top hole and land under the seat. It’s a great cause and effect toy as well.

3. Pop-up Toy –  This toy can definitely be introduced earlier on but the reason I add it here is that you can do some learning and start teaching some pre-k concepts like identifying fruit names and learning colors.

4. Piggy Bank – This piggy bank is not just fun but it is very educational. It works on posting which is the ability to correctly align the coin with the hole in order to insert it correctly. It offers counting, animal sound and is very sturdy. It’s a great add on to your collection.

5. Body Parts Dog – Did you know that by 15 months your child should correctly identify 5 body parts? Well, this toy is definitely a great fun toy to help with that recognition. Each extremity is easy to press and it has fun songs as it also works on cause and effect.

6. Stacking seal – Stalking is a skill that they will start working from this age and perfect at about 18 months. This fun seal provides a fun toy to learn this skill, I love the material and how it is easy to grip, making the task less frustrating.

7. Activity Table – Standing is a new skill and one your little one wants to use often. Using an interactive activity table like this will keep your little one entertain, engaged and working on critical thinking cause-and-effect and eye-hand coordination skills.

8. Push around buggy –  Sometimes I felt my baby was more curious that being on a stroller, he loved to “drive” and wanted to be sitting up more straight and be more involved in the world around him. Also, any grocery store cart was his dream vacation so this cart I wish I had.

I hope this guide gives you an idea of what toys for 9 month old are fun and educational as they reach his/her milestones.

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