The Best Educational Gift Guide for babies and toddlers (broken down by age)

Gift-giving to babies or toddlers can be overwhelming because of the number of infant toys that are out there. These infants and toddler suggestions are a selection of both fun and educational. For easier viewing, this guide is divided by age groups so you get a better experience browsing through the suggestions.

recommended Educational Gift Guide for babies and Toddlers

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Choosing the right Educational Gift Guide for babies is easy if you know what you are looking for, I’ll show you how!

The best guide of Toys for babies toddlers that are not just fun but also educational
infant toys can be fun and educational

How did I select the items for this Educational Gift Guide for babies

In my experience, most of the baby toys that are out there are…how do I say this nicely… garbage… Yes, I said it. They offer no educational value, they are just plastic with flashy lights.

I tried looking for ideas with some real educational value behind it and had such difficulty finding them. It is because of that struggle that I decided to create this simple toy guide to help you navigate the clutter of useless toys that are out there and help you identify a few educational ones.

If you have a birthday or holiday and you need to get toys for babies as a gift, an age-appropriate toy then this is a really good resource. 

I did not add any art supplies here because c’mon! you can’t go wrong with any of these and I highly encourage you to get them all.

Every item has been carefully selected to ensure each one has some learning and work on some development milestone as they play.

Most selection here I have had in my own home or a similar version of them. If I had a version, the one highlighted in this guide is WAY better.

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