10 Sensory bags to make Tummy Time more fun

Does your baby have fun during tummy time? are you bored of doing the same tummy time activities and need some Tummy Time Tips and Tricks?

Tummy time is essential for growth. It helps your baby develop the neck, back, and shoulder muscles needed to meet infant developmental milestones. It may also help prevent early motor delays and conditions such as flat head syndrome and twisted neck (positional torticollis). The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends placing babies on their backs to sleep and on their tummies to play.

Tummy time sensory bags are a super simple way to incorporate sensory play in your own home. It is a great way to create Tummy time more fun. You can experiment with a few designs, and the best thing is that it is really inexpensive to create.

Sensory bins, sensory bottles and sensory bags allow children to explore, discover, imagine, create, and learn while engaging their senses.

The Chaos and the Clutter

I’m choosing to share my favorite sensory bags because not every baby is the same and some will gravitate more to one material and texture than others. Your job as a parent is to expose your baby to different textures and make tummy time more enjoyable.

If you need help finding out what tummy time milestones your baby should be working on, tips and activities for tummy time find different opportunities to make tummy time more enjoyable check this free Tummy Time printable

Tummy time sensory bags. Tummy time is crucial to your baby's development. Try these easy sensory bags you can do at home with supplies you probably already have.
Get ideas for tummy time and create sensory bags

10 Tummy Time Sensory Bags for your baby

Here are a few of my favorite and simple Tummy Time Sensory Bag you can make at home and make this activity way more fun!

Glitter Bag

One of the easiest sensory bag you can do is using plain water and glitter. The trick to make these bags is to avoid filling it all the way up, one third is good. The second trick is to remove as much air pockets as possible.

glitter sensory bag for babies
The glitter and water is the simplest way to create tummy time sensory bags

Cotton balls Bag

High contrast bags are great for newborns. Newborns are developing their eyesight and are often attracted to black and white contrasts. As their vision develops, you can add a touch of red elements. Learn more about baby milestones here

(My baby still plays with the black and white sensory bag I did for him when he was a baby- I just don’t have a photo of him then because I wasn’t blogging then….)

high contrast cotton sensory bag for babies

Oil and water Bag

Add baby oil to a gallon size zip lock, then add some water and food coloring to create a lava lamp effect.

via PlayCreateExplore

oil and water sensory bag for babies
mix oil, water and food coloring for a fun sensory bag

Goo Colorful Bag

This is a fun texture to play with, you will need cornstarch, water, food coloring, sugar, and a ziplock bag. Get the full recipe at Hellobee

goo sensory bag for babies

Watermelon themed squooshy bag

Once you get a hang of what sensory bags are and what you can do with them, the possibilities are endless.

Watermelon squishy sensory bag for babies

Jell-O Bag

If you have jello you got yourself the perfect filling for a sensory bag. Add gems or accessories to create a theme for extra fun. This gooe creepy-eye from Hands on As We Grow is perfect for a Halloween theme.

An edible version of the slimy eyes sensory bag for toddlers!

Pom-Pom Bag

Water and any large colorful pom-poms make this sensory bag a fun one to have. My toddler still plays with it!

Reptile themed bag

As you get creative with themes you can add little squishy animals like these fun reptiles from Plain Vanilla Mom. You can use hair gel or hand sanitizer to create the base for this fun sensory bag.

Sensory Bag for Baby

Holiday Themed

Go wild with themes and make a sensory bag for each holiday, like this St. Patricks Day Sensory Bag from Fantastic Fun and Learning, or the winter-themed snowflake bag from b-insipred mama

St. Patrick's Day Fine Motor Play
Snowflake Sensory Bag for No-Mess Sensory Play at B-Inspired Mama

Water beads Bag

Water beads are the new fun thing to use at play. They are especially fun for tummy time sensory bags, unfortunately, for babies, this can be a dangerous material to use – unless you place it in a safe environment. Use a ziplock bag and place some water beads inside, secure it with duct tape and remove all excess air to create a water bead bag. See how to create a rainbow-themed water beads bag via Meri Cherry

Sensory Water Bead Bags for Babies and Toddlers
Water bead is great for tummy time – make different mixes for your sensory bags