Ultimate Guide to low-Prep Activities for babies

Sometimes simple is better. Here are some ideas you can try at home that require very little supplies, supplies you probably already have at home and create a ton of fun! I have divided the ideas per age but did doesn’t mean you are limited to doing the activity only through that stage.

Most ideas here do not need a lot of setup or supplies. If you are interested in more sensory messy and more elaborate play setups check out the archive play ideas for babies which includes sensory and messy ideas.

For low-pre ideas read along! these are ideas that are made for you to do any day at any time no matter where you are.
Remember that all babies develop at different stages so don’t limit your baby to a stage but try different ones and let them explore!

Activities for babies 0-3 months

High Contrast Objects

babies are born they are still developing their eyesight. Go around the house and look for objects that are black and white or have high contrast colors. Place them safely near your little one to work on by observing them. You can download these free high contrast black and white cards and place near the changing table or crib.

Beep Beep Baby!

This game is my favorite to play!! All you need to do is tap your baby in different body parts and say the name of each body part. Then say “beep” or make another sound after each new body part you touch. “tap the nose and say beep” Your baby may start watching your hands and anticipating each touch. This game is great developmentally because it helps your baby develop his sense of touch and body awareness. See more play ideas you can start even when your baby is 1 month old

Baby Massage

Baby massages are a fun way to play with your baby, it’s not only for bedtime, but it can also be done at any time of the day. Massages are also a great way to work on body awareness and bonding. Use your favorite essential oil and get playing. Check out an infographic how to give a baby massage here

Activities for babies 3-6 months

Rhymes & Songs

Rhymes and songs develop language skills. It is a great way to teach those beginning sounds through verses and repetitions. Put your baby on your lap and sing your favorite nursery rhymes. See our favorite duck theme songs to sing with your baby

BAby Sit-Ups

This simple game is a great way to strengthen your baby’s muscles and also very fun to do for you and your baby. Grab your baby’s hands and slowly lift him up until he is sitting. Celebrate when sitting. Then, slowly lay him down until he is completely laying up on the floor.

Tummy Time

activities for babies can be a lot of fun when doing tummy time

Every day we must make time for tummy time. Lay your baby on the floor over a blanket and use a few rattles and shiny objects to grab his/her attention. Baby doesn’t like it? check out the tummy time tips guide 

Recognizing his/Her Name

Babies will start recognizing different voices and sounds, they will also start to understand that some words and sounds have meaning. One important one to practice is to respond and recognize their own name. Sing their name to the tune of B.I.N.G.O to work on this skill.

Play with Mirrors

Do you have a baby-safe mirror? a portable one is better. Let your baby explore the mirror and play with his own reflection. It is so much fun to watch them do and interact with the reflection.

Explore Textures

Grab different items around the house that provide different textures. A silk scarf, a fluffy carpet, or even rough sandpaper. Bring these items close to the baby and let him/her explore the different textures. See our texture discovery tray on our Valentines Themed tummy time activities post

Activities for babies 6-9 MONTHS

Leg Stretching & Movement

activities for babies

It is important to exercise even when they are babies. One of my favorite exercises to do in class is to pretend the babies are riding a bicycle as you circle and move their legs around. I use this bicycle song and just act out the movements using the baby’s legs and arms.

Water Play

Most babies love water, so a super easy activity is to bring a tray and add some water with your favorite bath toys. Want to get adventurous? add a drop of blue food coloring and rubber duckies and make this awesome rubber ducky activity.

Rescue the Animals

This is an easy setup, all you need is a laundry basket, some yarn, and some toys. Add the toys to the basket and then wrap the yarn around a few times to create a spider web. Your little one will be working on her eye-hand coordination and problem-solving skills to rescue the toys out of the basket.

Activities for babies 9-12 Months

Pinching Skills

Around 9 months, a baby starts working on his/her pincer grasp skills (I call it pinching skills) this is the ability to grab an object with his/her index finger and thumb. Grab an icecube tray and some cotton balls or pom-poms and play the pinching game.

Pom Pom Activities

Using an empty formula container, make a small hole on the lid the size of a pom-pom. Give one pom-pom at a time to your baby and allow him/her to drop each one in the container.

You can also insert a bunch of pom-poms into a whisk and watch your baby as he tries to take them out one by one.

Get more DIY play ideas with these simple DIY baby toys to make at home

Discovery Baskets

Grab your baby’s favorite book and create a discovery basket. Also called Theme baskets. Find toys and items from around the house related to the book. No favorite book? No problem, you can do themes like colors or “things that shine” or even “wood” and allow your baby to explore each item. It sounds simple but it is a lot of fun!

Exploring Sound

Grab a few metal spoons from the kitchen and tie them with ribbons to a kitchen drawer. Sit your baby close to them and let them try to grab the spoons. It is a great eye-hand coordination game and so much fun to listen to the spoons make noises as they swing and tap each other.

Stacking & Nesting

Stacking can be a lot of fun! usually at this baby stage, they can try to stack two blocks and get pleasure from knocking it down. You can use soft blocks or nesting cups for this game.


There are many variations of peek-a-boo games. You can go simple and use your hands to hide your eyes as you say peek-a-boo, or you can use a colorful see-through scarf. If you feel like getting adventurous you can make a peek-a-boo board and hide pet or family photos behind a post-it or paper allowing your little one to discover them as they lift each flap.

Sticky balls

activities for babies using sticky balls

Ok.. this one shouldn’t be here but I just had to add it! it’s one of my favorite activities from the Fun Under 1 book and I really want you to try it. First, because it will work on their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills as well as strengthen their back muscles. You put some sticky paper or packing take with the sticky part facing out and add some balls. Then let your baby take the balls down. that easy and that much fun!

For more activities that are easy for babies to do at home with sensory materials and a lot of fun check out FUN UNDER 1 BAbY ACTIVITY BOOK