valentine Days Sensory Bottles to work on Eye-Tracking

Sensory bottles are a great sensory tool to use for babies. Make these theme-centric sensory bottles for your baby to work on eye-tracking and eye development.

Roll them on the floor, place them over a table, and play with the different sounds each materials make.

Sensory bottles or discovery bottles are not just fun to look at but they are very good for development.

5 sensory bottle ideas to explore the senses

I created 5 bottles to work on different senses and used bright colors to make them super interesting.

  1. Decorative rocks with hearts made out of pink and red foam sheets
  2. colored rice shaker. Add some raw rice to a zip-lock bag, add a splash of food coloring and vinegar, and shake. Lay to dry and then place the rice inside the bottle.
  3. bright red strings – to work on eyesight development and encourage curiosity
  4. tea light string. These lights I found at Walmart and they are battery-operated. Light is soft so it won’t hurt your little ones’ eyes.
  5. Glitter and confetti sensory bottle. Add some glitter and confetti to the bottle. Add some water and a splash of dish soap. Close and tilt. If foam forms, remove it and add some water. Seal right with glue and watch the glitter fall slowly. This is a great activity to work on eye-tracking objects.