Valentine’s Day Slime

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Slime, a gooey and stretchy substance, is a popular sensory play material that can be customized to fit various themes, including Valentine’s Day.

I love to make slime and Valentine’s Day makes it a perfect occasion. Use our signature recipe to make yours!

This recipe is awesome because is less stretchy and slimy than store-bought slime which makes it easier to handle and less messy. And we can all use a bit of less messy activities right?!

Valentine’s Day Gift idea

If you want a creative valentine’s Day gift that is not candy, you can create custom jars with slime to give away.

These kits can include pre-measured ingredients, festive colors, glitter, and heart-shaped embellishments, or have the slime already made for others to enjoy.

Create Crunchy Slime

This year, we decided to change our slime tradition, from mixing pink and white slime, we created crunchy slime.

To make crunchy slime you need styrofoam beads. For Valentin’es Day we chose red and smaller purple ones, but you can recreate this idea for any ocassion! we had made birthday themed one with rainbow colored beads!

Make it a learning activity

Slime is great to work on fine motor skills. Squeezing, pulling and stretching will help your child strengthen their fingers, wrists and hand muscles.

But, adding non-sharp scissors, can be a great scissor activity to work on learning how to use scissors and understanding how siccors cut before giving them paper.

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