Why Are Moms gluing pennies on shoes? (and I did too!)

The trend that took over a few years back seems to be starting to rise up again. Gluing pennies on shoes? that’s right! and the reasons are clever.

Moms are gluing pennies on shoes for these reasons:

  • As a tool for entertaining kids
  • It saves money on tap shoes
  • I teach kids how to put on the right shoes
gluing pennies on shoes

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 times are bringing in new challenges. Among the many new adjustments that we have had to make, one of these sticks out: kids are now at home

all day,

every day.

With your children in your home at all times, it’s understandable that you may be starting to struggle to keep them entertained. After all, at first, kids may be very excited to be at home and to have complete and utter freedom to do what they want without having to go to school.

Now, a few months later, the games you introduced to them at the beginning of this pandemic may simply have gotten old and boring.

So, you’re in need of new games and new sources of fun for your kids? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Moms Create the Most Clever Ideas to entertain the kiddos!

Kids are sometimes easy to entertain, especially once they start doing pretend play (after 2.5yrs old). You can give them a small toy, and they will find a way to use it in fifteen different ways until they get bored with it.

Similarly, kids have very fertile imaginations; they are quick to create scenarios in their minds and thereby can stay entertained for hours without you having to be around and stimulating their imagination. Just think of the last time your kids were playing with Legos; they probably applied what they see in real life onto their Lego scenarios, right?

The idea original pennies on shoe idea originated when a mom needed to save money on her son’s tap shoes. What she didn’t realize was how much fun and entertaining this little clever idea was.

gluing pennies on shoes for Entertainment

gluing pennies on shoes
Gluing Pennies on shoes to teach toddlers

This is why many parents have begun to glue pennies on shoes. Why, you ask? Think of the sound that it makes!

Gluing a few pennies on your child’s shoes can create a cheap version of tap dancing shoes.

Additionally, as they create a cool sound and make walking feel different from how it normally feels (a slight distraction), it’s something that is going to distract and entertain your child for a certain period of time.

Additionally, as the sound is only made when the child is walking with these shoes, it entices him or her to move and to run around more; therefore, it is a great way for you to get your child to spend some of the energy that builds up while stuck inside at home.

After seeing this idea and looking for ways to entertain my own son at home, I decided to give it a try.

How to Glue Pennies on Shoes

I glued 3 pennies to the front part of the right foot using a hot glue gun. I chose shoes that were secure in case he could slip as we tested this idea.

gluing pennies on shoes toddler

I immediately took the activity outside because I noticed that the pennies where a bit slippery on the tile floor.

For the first time, my son was exited to wear shoes. (He hates shoes! and I don’t understand why!)

He loved the sound, we even played we were dinosaurs who stomp-stomp-stomp

This gave me a clever idea! (see? us mom come up with the most clever ideas!)

Use it teach kids how to put on the right shoes

Because I only glued pennies to the right foot, I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach kids which shoe belongs in what foot.

The shoe with the pennies – the one that makes the sound – goes on the right foot.

This gives kids independence when learning to wear shoes on their own, it gives them problem-solving skills as they can deduce themselves which shoes go on what foot.

Things To watch out when Playing with these Penny on shoes

You should be careful about this trick. Gluing pennies to your child’s shoes may make them slippery, so only put a few and make sure to test them out using your hands before you hand them out to him or her.

Also, this activity is perhaps only an interesting one for those of you who have backyards; be careful not to let your child do tap dancing in an apartment or you may have some angry neighbors!

My recommendation is that you bring your child to a sidewalk, front parking space where there is some cement or concrete, for example, as this will not bother anyone and the floor is rough and safe when walking with pennies under the shoes.