Witches brew Sensory Bin – An Awesome halloween science experiment for toddlers

Get into the Halloween spirit with this Witches Brew science experiment! For science week on our tot school program, we have been doing lots of science activities.

My two-year-old is obsessed and is loving every single one of these activities. This witches brew Halloween science experiment is an all-year-round favorite.

Both ingredients needed are affordable, and you can buy them in bulk so you can do this over and over again!

Halloween science experiment

Supplies needed


  • Cauldron
  • Syringes
  • Small bottles
  • Toy spiders

Setting up the Halloween science experiment

I like to create themes around our activities since it is Halloween well, the spiders, the monster eyeballs, and all things witches brew had to come out.

The cauldron was going to be the center of the activity. They needed to hold the baking soda, and the bottles were going to keep a mix of vinegar and water.

You can do just vinegar but learn from hosting this activity many times during sensory class; I knew the kids love to pour over and over again. The vinegar mixed with water will work the same, and it will last longer.

The scienCe experiment

When the vinegar and baking soda are mixed, there is a chemical reaction that occurs. It bubbles up, fizzes, and erupts like a small volcano. When adding food coloring to the water or the baking soda, the bubbles will turn that color.

Make it fun

I set up two trays; the first tray was the baking soda inside the cauldron and the spiders. The second tray was the tray with the liquids. I had different size containers and syringes to play with. I used food coloring to make a variation of colors for our mini eruptions.

What are they Learning

This activity, although simple to set up and using a few ingredients, offer the opportunity for a ton of learning.

They are learning cause and effect on how they have the power to pour the water/vinegar mixture and make the eruption happen.

They are practicing pouring skills. Pouring is a skill that I like to reinforce a lot. Controlling hand and arm movements to control what they are doing with their hands is just a small step that will translate into writing skills.

They are strengthening hand and finger muscles. When using the syringes ( or droppers is you don’t have syringes), they are squeezing and working all those little muscles in their hand. Perfect activity to strengthen those muscles that later on will hold a pencil.

How to clean up

This activity is simple to clean up. Just run some soap and water over your tray and supplies and done!

This Halloween science experiment was so much fun! He had a blast, and so did I! I think I had a little bit of Hocus Pocus in me that wanted to live my child’s favorite movie, lol

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halloween science experiment

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