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When I think of Halloween I always think of a witches brew. As I got introduced to slime this year, I knew I had to attempt to make a Halloween themed slime.

When it comes to slime, I have learned that just like making the perfect sensory bottle the “perfect” slime is relative to everyone’s preference. Some people like it very soft, super stretch, and a bit sticky, while others (me) like it to be a bit firmer.

Halloween Slime Recipe

witches brew Halloween Slime Recipe Ingredients

*This is my preferred slime activator but you can substitute it with contact solution or saline water – quantities will vary.

Firmer slime is great for toddlers, after all they move quickly, do strong hand movements and a few of them like to explore throwing everything!

This witch brew slime is very soft, thin and super stretchy! Perfect for a witches brew so you can add bats, eye balls and other ingredients to your witches brew.

Another material needed and not mentioned before is the actual witches bowl where you will place the slime. The ones featured on the photo are from the dollar store. I bought them for St. Patrick’s Day, but they totally can have a multi-purpose use for Halloween too.

Witches brew Variations

My witches brew is green but you can make it any color you want. I have seen activities where the witches brew is purple or even orange. Just change the food coloring and the possibilities are endless.

Another fun variation would be to offer your kids some items to add to the slime: spiders, googley eyes, and eyeballs, are all fun items you can place in the tray and let your kids create their own witches brew.

Slime Troubleshooting

Because everyone uses different brands no recipe is exact, so here are a few common issues you might encounter te doing your witches brew slime.

Halloween Slime Recipe

Slime is too sticky

When the slime is too sticky and you can’t easily get it out from your hands, it means that the glue needs a bit more of the activator. In this case the Sta-Flo liquid starch.

Add 1/4 tsp of liquid starch to the palm of your hands and rub against each other. Then grab the slime and stretch it and fold it for 2 min.

If slime is still too sticky, then add another 1/4 tsp and repeat.

Slime is too stiff

If your slime is too stiff it means it has too much activator. I have lost a few batches of slime by being too quick to add extra sta-flo instead of stretching and folding to let all of the ingredients mix.

Take your time before deciding to add more liquid starch (Sta-Flo). And in the case that you have added too much, just add more glue. That’s the beauty of this slime, it can be fixed! (As opposed those done with borax)

Slime is too Runny

This slime recipe calls for a very soft textured slime, which sometimes it means that it is too runny, meaning it falls of your hands and stretches out quickly. If you don’t like this texture
(special if you have young toddlers) adding a 1/4 tsp of baking soda at a time and mixing it (by folding and stretching) can harden the texture.

Other halloween activities to try

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