12 Zoo animal craft ideas to do after a visit to the zoo

Spring Break and summer are always fun breaks in the year, but having the kids bored at home can be also very stressful. Here are a few zoo animal craft ideas to keep them entertained.

Last weekend we needed an adventure and decided to go and visit the Palm Beach Zoo in West Palm Beach Florida. We decided to take our friend’s daughters and they had a blast! It was a really fun day and the girls and I came back inspired to do some crafts.

If you are in the area, I definitely recommend you to visit the zoo this spring break!

Did you know you can take a selfie with a Koala? check out our review: Koala Experience at the Palm Beach Zoo

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12 zoo animal craft ideas to do after visiting the Zoo

I have shared before how important it is for children to learn through play, and it is equally important for us as parents to take daily experiences and turn them into learning experiences. So take the kids to the zoo and enhance their learning!

For me, art is one of my favorite things to do so it would make sense to translate our learning experiences into art and search some crafts to enhance our day at the zoo.

Sofie is 10, Bella is 8, and Manny is 13 months, so we have a mix of activities here where there is something for everyone.

Animal Sensory Bin

This activity is ideal for younger toddlers like Manny who is 12 months. It will allow him to experiment with textures and learn the animal names by associating what he saw at the zoo and his toys.


zebra in Slime

Who doesn’t like slime this days? it’s meant for the smaller toddlers but I have seen that even the big kids enjoy getting messy with this one.

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zebra slime

For older toddlers and kids, hands-on crafts that use glue, paint and googley-eyes are ideal to enhance their zoo visit.

Doily Lion Kids Craft


Paper Bag Koala Craft for Kids

I don’t know why they are so cute! At the Palm Beach zoo they have a Koala experience where you can get up close and even take a selfie!


Paper Plate Peacock


Easy Paper Plate Flamingo Craft for Kids

Can you do the flaming stand? the girls had a lot of fun trying to stand like one. one leg up and hold your balance!


Cute Tiger


zoo animal craft ideas are a great way to enhance your zoo visit


Colorful and Fun Twirling Parrot Craft


Paper Plate Monkey


Adorable Sloth

There’s something about sloths that are so cute! We saw them hanging out sleeping on trees, relaxing. It was the cutest thing ever!

12 Zoo kids crafts

The cutest Hedgehog

Have you ever seen a real hedgehog before? I think we did at the Palm Beach Zoo.


Otter Paper Craft


Fork Craft – Panda Bear

zoo animal craft ideas

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Our Visit to the Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo is a non-profit organization and has more than 550 animals, many of them endangered. It is a smaller zoo than the Miami Zoo and I loved it for that. With little ones, it is hard for them to walk large distances and this zoo is perfect.

The kids loved the stations located throughout the Palm Beach Zoo

It has a lot of animals in short walking distance to keep the kids engaged and entertain.

They have a colorful map with 4 sections. These sections all have the same entry and exit point and meet in the middle where there is a Play Fountain & Nature Play Pavilion area. The girls didn’t have a bathing suit so we just let them run across trying to not get wet. They were successful! and I was happy!

The zoo has a Koala experience where you can go in and experience these animals up close, smell the eucalyptus and even take a selfie. We didn’t get to do that this time but hoping later in the summer we can visit the zoo again and try it.

Our favorite part was to see the Otters, they were playing around and splashing. It was so entertaining and fun to watch!

There is a food court has good food with a covered area to eat. They have kids chairs and was very clean. I tried the veggie burger and was very impressed by the flavor. It was quite delicious! now I wish I would’ve taken a photos of it.

The zoo is stroller friendly but Manny was so excited he wanted to walk around and get closer to the animals. He absolutely loved it.

We tried every kid station they had around to make the stroll even more interesting. The girls tried to jump really high, take photos at their photo points and took turns with the camera to take photos of the animals.

Overall, we enjoyed it. We recommend it and we hope to visit it again.

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