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Alexa is a sensory teacher and home educator. She is dedicated to helping moms play and teach their little learners at home.

This blog is that, a place to help you teach and play. Is aimed to provide you with sensory activities, easy activities, indoor activities, and how to make the best of our days at home.

Come play with us and meet other like-minded moms on our Facebook page Get activity ideas and parenting resources to make the first three years of your little learner’s life easier and more fun.

I love to share activities that have some learning behind it and I love to share resources that will help you in the development of your child. 

Like the fun ebook of activities for babiesMy First School Curriculum,  the one year old workbook or two year old workbook to give then an advantage when entering Pre-K. 

My biggest challenge in becoming a mother has been connecting with other moms and allowing myself to be vulnerable as challenges arise in this crazy ride called motherhood.

Because of this, I started creating articles and other resources to share what I have learned. I have created a Mommy & Me Facebook community in the hope to help other moms can connect with each other, support each other as we share local events and ideas.

10 Things About Me To Get To Know Me Better

  1. I have always had a passion for teaching kids. 
  2. An Infertility survivor, a step-mom and a Mom raising 2 boys 11 years apart.
  3. Married to my soulmate but it took us some time to find each. For both of us this is our second marriage.
  4. I used to be a pet photographer
  5. Boston terrier lover and addict of all things Boston Terrier. Currently have two Boston Terriers: Lola and Falco, but at one point I had 10 Boston’s at home when Lola gave birth to 9 pups!
  6. We love the water so on the weekends you will usually find us on our boat deep sea fishing or at the Florida keys camping 
  7. My husband says I have a mother-Theresa heart. I just want to help the world. for free.
  8. I battle with anxiety …..daily
  9. I Love hacks, tips, quick recipes and anything that makes life at home easier
  10. I have awful memory… so I rely on writing EVERYTHING! The good side? Tell me a joke twice and I will laugh at it both times because I probably won’t remember it…
  11. I’m terrible at remembering names and faces. 🙁 Sorry
  12. I have always loved art and paint and getting messy! 

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