Tot School: All About Colors

For the month of September, we will be working on learning all about colors .

For some of you, this is the first month to Homeschool your little ones at home using our curriculums (or making your own).


Because homeschooling a toddler it is a first for most, I thought to share with you the plan and all of the activities to do this month. All with the hope to inspire you to continue each month creating lesson plans and activities for your little ones. 

When it comes to creating a homeschool schedule, just know that will be a lot of adjustments to the schedule before you find one that works for you.  Be flexible in your day you will find your groove and will have your day filled with lots of fun and learning opportunities.

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This month is all about colors, so let’s get started! 

When to start teaching colors 

Although, what I have read says that you should introduce colors and shapes whenever it comes up naturally all through infancy, the rule of thumb is that 18 months is the acceptable age when children can developmentally grasp the idea of colors. What I have found is that most of the kids can benefit from being exposed to colors early on so when 18 months come around they grasp the colors a lot faster!  First do primary colors then do the rest. So if you have a child younger than 18 months you can start exposing them providing activities for primary colors ( red, yellow, blue and green).

Color books 

The Color Books We Will Use:

We will use each book for a full week as our circle time book to read and activities for that week. 

Top Color Books Recommended by Teachers

If you are looking for other books about colors to add to your collection, here are the Top Books to learn colors recommended by Teachers

  1. Planting a Rainbow (Best price found on Amazon)
  2. White Rabbit’s Colors by Alan Baker (Best price found on Amazon)
  3. I Love My White Shoes – Pete The Cat (Best price found on Kidbooks)
  4. What color is bear’s underwear (Best price found in Amazon)
  5. The Color Monster (Best price found on Amazon)
  6. Monster Colors (Early Learning Rhymes) (Best price found on Kidbooks)

Colors Lesson Activities

Each week we have a book to read, a song to sing and activities to do. Here is a list of colors lesson activities and resources we will be using this month.

If you want to join us we will be going through the activities and I will be answering questions and giving tips through Instagram. (September 2020)


Suggested Products for Color Lessons