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Understand why they don’t play with the activities you set up, or why they only spend 5 minutes playing it. Learn to support their play with play schemas.

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The Best Kinetic Sand Recipe online

Kinetic sand can be a lot of fun. Buying it can get expensive but with a few materials, you can make it at home for less. We even got our supplies at the dollar store. We were able to make the perfect kinetic sand recipe for less than 5 dollars. It took me a few

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How to make a farm Sensory Bin

Setting up sensory bins at home can seem overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for or where to start! Today, together we are going to be recreating a farm sensory bin like this one below. Did you use to watch that show in TLC where they would take a celebrity outfit and recreate

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Tips for painting with toddlers at home

If you are worried how to do painting activities at home, read on because these are the best tips I have learned to make this process less painful and actually enjoyable when doing it inside. Messy activities are not for everyone and some parents avoid painting at home with toddlers. They leave that to the

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Slipper Fish| Sing-Along with Alexa

slippery fish is one of my all-time favorite song to sing with my little learners in the class, I even introduced it to our new friends when we did our virtual mommy and me class and it was so much fun!. Now that we are far apart, I heard my little learners still like to

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Chalk paint Recipe for kids

Looking for Outdoor activities can be a challenge. Most of the time when we do things outside is playing with water because it is easy and accessible. But water can get boring sometimes and you need a pop of colors so let’s do some chalk paint recipe to add some color to our day! We

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