The best activities to do with a 1 month old baby

One of my favorite sites has great educational videos for baby activities. All of their games are developed with and approved by expert pediatric physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists.

Here are some activities you can start doing from the moment your baby is born.

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Tummy Time

It is hard to do tummy time when you realize your baby hates it! Your baby may not like being on their tummy at first because back and neck muscles are not very strong yet. What I didn’t know is that there are many ways to do tummy time and actually make this a fun enjoyable experience for your baby.

Make Tummy Time part of baby’s daily routine starting with a few minutes at a time, a few times a day. Use your daily routines like diaper changes as an opportunity to practice tummy time.

After diapering, lay baby on their tummy for a few minutes so Tummy Time becomes a part of their daily routine. Tummy time will strengthen your baby’s muscle that will help him learn to lift up his head.

You don’t have to do tummy time on the floor with a blanket, you an hold your baby over your lap or on your chest.

Check out these Tummy Time tips and games to make tummy time more fun.

Get to know every inch of your baby

This one is an easy one, aren’t you in love anyway? you probably spend hours just admiring every inch, every eye lash and every gesture, so this activity will come easy.

Bonding with your baby is very important specially during the beginning months, help connect with your baby by taking the time to get to know baby in every way. During the initial months, your baby still doesn’t; realize he is a different person but instead an extension of you. Take this time to smile at your baby, touch his hands, his feet, his forehead and if you want to relax him stroke his nose starting at the eyebrow level all the way to the tip of their nose. Somehow, this is super relaxing to them and some moms even use this technique to help them fall asleep.

Use a Mobile

Did you ask for a mobile for your baby shower? this is the time to take it out. But don’t take out all of the toys yet. Every couple of weeks add or change the toys hanging from an overhead mobile or play mat to grab baby’s attention.

Wiggling the toys can also help baby look at the new toys. Helps baby develop vision by playing with black and white patters. (get this free black and white free printable)

Sing to your baby

It doesn’t matter if you have a terrible voice like me, your baby will have a sense of calmness and comfort when he hears it. When you sing, this helps your baby improve listening skills. Sing along your favorite lullaby or even your favorite song that play in the radio. Hold your baby’s hands and rock them while you sing. If you don’t know any lullabies ask your Amazon Alexa “Alexa, play lullaby music” or my favorite songs for the day time “Alexa play Super Simple Songs”

Beep Beep Baby

This game is my favorite to play!! All you need to do is tap your baby in different places and say the name of each body part. Then say “beep” or make another sound after each new body part you touch. Your baby may start watching your hands and anticipating each touch.

This game is great developmentally because it helps your baby develop his sense of touch and body awareness.

For more games and ways to play check out their complete video guide

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