How to make Colored Rice for Sensory Play

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Colored rice is one of the most common fillers moms use for sensory bins. It is a lot of fun to make and it is a great base to do fine motor activities.

To make colored rice all you need is to mix food coloring, vinegar and white rice.

Below you can find a printed recipe and a step by step video tutorial that will turn you into a an expert!

Colored rice is a great sensory material for sensory bins used for toddlers and preschool kids. Scroll to the end and find some sensory bin inspiration using rice!

For toddlers, it is a great sensory material to practice pouring and scooping, both important exercises to practice fine motor skills.

I use Jasmin rice (Amazon), but you can use any brand or type of rice you already have at home.

colored rice

Here is the easiest way to make colored rice for sensory play.

Color Rice Recipe

How long does colored rice last

Colored rice can last a few months if stored properly. I usually keep it sealed in a Ziplock or in Tupperware.

How long does rainbow rice take to dry?

Depending on how much vinegar you use to the ration of rice it may take longer. Usually, with the recipe on this page, you can have dried color rice in 15-30 minutes. Just make sure that the rice is spread out on the tray and not overlapping each other too much to allow for air to get to each grain and dry it out.

What are other ways to Color Rice?

There are different ways you can color rice. Some people don’t like the smell of vinegar and don’t have essential oils to add so they use acrylic paint, or use alcohol instead of vinegar.

How to color Pasta or noodles

Raw noddles or pasta uses the same technique. If you want to make edible safe cooked colored spaghetti try this simple recipe.

Sensory Bin Inspiration using Color Rice

Make holiday-themed sensory bins using one color and adding holiday elements. This was lemon-scented rice using essential oils
Add colored rice to discovery bottles to make shakers. Great for those little learners still putting everything in their mouth

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