Lemon scented playdough Recipe

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I think Playdough is not just fun but it is actually therapeutic. Add some essential oils to the play and it even adds some health benefits to it!

I think it does the same effect than a stress ball but you can actually do more than squeeze it.

Apparently, when I’m stress I end up making pdlaydough, when I’m happy I make playdough too… so I guess they are both es used to make it.

Recently I hosted an essential oil workshop where I learned a lot about the benefits of these little oils! So much I actually needed buying a few.

Can you really use essential oils in Playdough?

The answer is yes! And I don’t know why I waited so long. I started very basic, with just a lemon scented Playdough to create a “lemon grass Playdough”

This month at home our theme is “the farm” so it only made sense to do green Playdough.

I presented the Playdough in a Montessori tray with a few farm animal figurines, trees and Playdough utensils to cut, scoop and have fun!

Playdough can be a lot of fun and adding essential oils only enhances the sensory exploration. You can change the color and the scents using the same recipe above. The possibilities are endless!

Now the question is… what will you make?

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Lemon scented Playdough using essential oils