tot school lesson plans

Playful Learning Lesson Plans To Do At Home and Get a Headstart When Entering PreK

Sprouts is our  Tot School curriculum for toddlers designed for parents teaching their kids at home. Aimed for toddlers 2-3 years old.

The program is designed to give you a whole-child approach to learning. All lesson plans include sensory activities, gross motor, fine motor skills, and art activities to learn academic concepts through our play-based methodology!



Sprout Tot School has been created for you to give you the tools to be the best first teacher to your child giving you the confidence to teach, play and feel successful at home.

It is a simple approach to Tot School with flexibility with minimal printing, low supplies setups and definitely away from overwhelming ideas or themes.  

Instead, we use the power of observation to understand where your child is at, what they are working on and what are their interests.

We use themes to facilitate curiosity but we also use field trips around town, your home, your daily chores to create simple games with tons of learning! 

Spend less time prepping and more time playing!


Am I teaching them enough? Am I presenting suitable activities? How do I manage  my home while educating my toddler at home at the same time?

Follow this easy play-based learning curriculum and become confident while understanding precisely where your child is and what else you can teach them this year.

This curriculum is designed for stay-at-home parents of toddlers to practice pre-K readiness concepts through fun games and activities to play at home, using nature walks, sensory play and the chores you have to do at home as part of your learning environment.


Know exactly where your child is developmentally and stay on track


Know exactly what to teach your toddler even if they are not in daycare.


Create easy and sensory activities aligned to where your child is developmentally

Cherish every moment and enjoy every milestone

The Play Companion, A Sensory teacher in your pocket

Every month we take a new skill we should work on with our kid, we create a masterclass so you know the why behind every activity and what they are learning for as well as give you 9 different activities to do and repeat at home for a 360 apporach to learning.

Inside each month you will find:

  • Overview video with skills we will be working on that month
  • 1 Masterclass to learn a new concept about play to implement at home.
  • Suggested monthly/weekly Schedule
  • 9 Activities guide with video tutorials. 
  • A supply list to prepare the activities.
  • Amazon Recommendations to extend learning
  • A virtual class to do in your living room (live or pre-recorded)
  • A Facebook Group to support and meet other caregivers

Learn Through Play!
Made for them tailored to you!

weekly lesson plans

Weekly activity suggested schedule to help you plan your month, your weeks and your days!

  • 36 simple weekly lesson plans to follow (valued at $297)
  • Guided videos to help you set up, troubleshoot and feel confident about each activity
  • Variation of activities with Nature, Sensory, Water and Art activities for a whole child learning approach


I bring you behind the scenes and break down complicated concepts easily to help you understand core concepts and how to implement them at home.

9 Learn Through Play Masterclasses to master teaching concepts & give you the tools to teach your child following their interests (Valued at $267)

  • Take the concept and apply it to your daily routine
  • Take the activity challenge and involve your family
  • Understand how toys help with the development
  • How to use the activity to increase independent play
  • and more.


Printable activities to create educational interactive games to reinforce learning, such as color, counting, and language development (valued at $69) 


Invitation to participate in Virtual, Live, or Pre-recorded storytime and circle time events, so you can benefit from doing a class right from the comfort of your living room!(Value at $199)

It is a guilt-free home guide for moms teaching toddlers at home.

As featured on PBS Kids

I have done the research, I have taken the training that teachers do to master PLAY in their daycares and classrooms, and I have adopted those to home environments.

I am certified in Montessori nature; I have studied the Reggio approach and combined the best learning through play pedagogy and research to create the perfect at-home learning system.

My approach to nature activities have been featured in Kid Vision for PBS KIDS!

This curriculum system has been tested and approved by many other parents. I tried every idea in my sensory classes dedicated to one-year-olds and kept only the best ones – true and tried – for you! 

I saw what worked and what didn’t; the result was this simple  system you can now implement at home. 


  • 36 weekly lesson plans  (valued at $297) 
  •  81 Activity ideas  (Valued at $187) 
  •  9 Masterclasses  (Valued at $267) 
  •  Printable activities  ($69) 
  • Virtual Monthly Classes  (Valued at $199)


  •  Homeschool Through Play Mini Course (Valued at $49) 
  •  Private Facebook Q&A Group (Valued at $49) 
  •  One Year Old Milestone Guides, downloadables, and resources to stay on track ($19) 
  •  Assessment and tracking Progress Checklists ($49) 

Total Value: $1,117 for Just $497

Why Purchase this Curriculum

Learning is best done through play!

Do you know what to teach and the suitable activities to present to your child? Then, this Tot School Lesson Plan Program is your answer.

I gathered what daycares would teach for the school year to reach the learning milestones, what the CDC advises as milestones for toddlers, and the Florida government standards suggested for this group.

I customize this information and adjust it for a home environment where we consider your home responsibilities and use them to create learning opportunities.

I have done these activities at home with my child, coached many families to follow this system in my one-on-one coaching, and shared it with my moms and students I teach in my local micro-preschool sensory and nature classes.

I have done the research, got tested the activities, and seen results, and now it is your turn to create that same success at home.


All the activities in our curriculum are FUN. Every activity has been tried, tested and approved.

Hi, I’m Alexa, a bilingual mother, infertility survivor, sensory and nature teacher, and promoter of learning through play.

Through my courses, blog, and classes, I share play and learn ideas for moms like you to do at home.

With a passion for kids and years of supporting kids through play to reach milestones, I created a community of moms supporting each other while caring for their kids at home.

I host monthly free circle time events and weekly sensory and nature classes, translating those into learning programs to recreate at home.

I am your play coach! Your resource to keeping your child entertained while reaching educational milestones using simple, fun activities- all based on research focused on how kids learn best. PLAY.