Apple Scented Playdough Recipe

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Fall is here and I wanted to do an activity that would represent the start of this season. We live in Florida so changing trees and drastic weather changes is not an option.

Working with the senses is a learning experience for little ones. Toddlers love to create their own imaginative play, while younger one-year-olds and babies get to explore the texture and the sense of smell.

If you are looking for the best apple-scented playdough recipe, here is ours.

Hint: Use the easy print button to print this recipe and take it out every fall!

We use a cooked playdough recipe vs. non-cook playdough because for me, the cooking process allows the ingredients to mix well and the scents to be combined and blend really nicely together.

Get in the fall spirit with these easy fall and autumn craft for toddlers. apple scented <a class=


Wonder how we used our apple-scented playdough recipe playdough? check out these shape mats to go along with this recipe!

Need visuals? Here is my one, two, three steps of this recipe

Get into Fall Season with this easy apple scented playdough recipe perfect for Autumn

Step 1: Add all ingredients to a saucepan and cook

Step 2: Knead playdough

Step 3: Enjoy this deliciously scented apple playdough

If you ask me what fall smells like, is this playdough recipe! This playdough is not as soft as our softest playdough recipe! but because of the cooking process on this recipe, it allows the scents to mix and to blend really nicely so it’s a trade-off I’m willing to make.

Don’t get me wrong, this one is still soft, but once you try my homemade softest playdough ever your standards will change.

Have fun! add some apple cookie cutters, some play knives and let creativity grow!

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