25+ Exciting Summer Activities for Preschoolers to Keep Them Busy

From splashing in water play to embarking on nature scavenger hunts and creating some cool sensory bins, these ideas are perfect for keeping little ones entertained and engaged all summer! We’ve curated 50 simple yet exhilarating Summer Activities for Preschoolers and toddlers guaranteed to make this season unforgettable.  But here is a secret: I have …

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Playdough Mats

PLAYDOUGH MATS Needing some support in teaching your  2, 3, 4 child at home through play? Download our simple playdough mats to teach through fun playful activities.

fizzy cubes: baking soda ice cubes experiment

This science experiment is a lot of fun! You can do it with toddlers as young as one-year-old that no longer put things in his/her mouth. To do this science experiment you will need baking soda, water, and vinegar. The chemical reaction that these ingredients have when mixed together creates awesome mini-volcano eruptions. Freezing the …

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Make this ocean waves sensory bottle for your summer theme and play for days! Making sensory bottles is one of my favorite sensory activities to do. You make it once and you can save it to play for days!!! This sensory bottle has one that my son plays the most with and today I will …

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SUMMER OCEAN: Make colored bath foam

Summer is the best time to play with water, but this foam will take summer fun to a new level! All you need is 3 ingredients and my secret tool to make the best sensory foam activity at home. For our under the sea theme this month, we are making an ocean sensory bin. What …

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10 Water sensory play ideas for toddlers to do this summer

Water sensory play is one of my favorite activities to entertain toddlers. Every toddler sensory class I do, I make sure to have a water sensory play idea ready for them. It allows them to clean up after our messy play and engage in some water fun! Water play is a play that involves water …

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Shaving Cream Marbled Paper Art using Food Coloring

Try this super easy art a activity using shaving cream and food coloring. This process art activity is so much fun to make and a but addictive! there is bo wrong way of doing it, and every tune you make it it cons out different! Making you create more and more and more designs! Materials …

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Ocean Sensory Bin using Colored Pasta

Ocean-sensory-bin using sea animals is one of our favorite activities to set up. Maybe because we live in Florida and love visiting the ocean. Even if you don’t live close to the ocean you can still celebrate sea life! Using colored pasta today as part of our blue week celebration, we are making a sea …

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Chocolate oobleck Recipe (an edible Mud sensory Activity)

chocolate oobleck recipe toddler

Create a taste-safe sensory activity using this Chocolate taste-safe oobleck Recipe ideal for babies and toddlers. I made this oobleck version during my baby sensory class as their first science experiment and it was a hit – so I know it will be a success for you too! I have since repeated it a few …

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Edible Playdough Recipe {Confetti Playdough}

Playdough is fun but is even more fun when you can eat it! This 2 ingredient edible playdough recipe is perfect for those toddlers still putting everything in their mouth. Some playdough recipes are safe to eat and call for all purpose flours. Our softest playdough recipe is non toxic but I wouldn’t want my …

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