How to make Edible Paint for Sensory Play

Do you embrace messy activities? you should! Start with this simple edible paint for babies. It’s safe and a lot of fun so let loose and enjoy!

Sensory activities are a great way to explore the senses, this is how a baby experiments the world around them. That’s why most babies have a big urge to put everything in their mouths.

So if your baby is still exploring with her sense of taste, then they will enjoy this fun easy activity at home. Toddlers also enjoy this fun messy play so don’t be limited and explore!

The Edible Paint activity works on the senses: touch, smell, and taste

How to make Edible Paint for babies


Instructions to prepare the paint

  • Pour the yogurt in each container. One container per color
  • Add in 4-5 drops of food coloring into each container.
  • The more drops you add the richer the color will get
  • Mix well with spoon or popsicle stick
Edible paint for babies can be made with yogurt, here's an easy recipe

Sensory Play with Edible Paint:

  • Cover the table or the floor if you want an easy cleanup.
  • Start by showing your baby how to paint
  • You can use your fingers, marshmallows or sponges to paint. Fingers are probably easier for younger babies


  • If you want to limit the mess, you can limit the painting area.
  • For easy cleanup, you can cover the painting area with a shower curtain or plastic 
  • For limiting the messy area, do this activity in the high chair.
  • If you want to embrace the mess, leave your baby in a diaper and let him explore painting and touching the paint with various body parts.

Edible play activities are fun to do at home, embrace the mess and provide them a fun learning experience.

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