How to set up a fall sensory bin {plus 13 ideas to get you inspired}

Looking for fun sensory bin ideas to make at home? Here are some awesome ideas I have created plus the finest I have seen on the internet.

A fall sensory bin is a great time to teach about all the changes in the season. Fall leaves off the trees, apples are filling up the supper maker and if you are lucky and live in a place to experience this in person you can take awesome field trips.

When you want to bring that fall feeling indoors, get a sensory bin ready and have some fun!


HoW to set up a fall sensory bin

It has taken me a bit to get a hang of understanding how to make a sensory bin. I’ll walk you through my bin and then inspire you with the best from the web so you can take some inspiration, recreate and create a magical fall experience for your kids at home (or in the class)

Step 1: Choose a sensory base

Because fall has a lot of oranges and reds and browns a good contrast is greens so I’m going with a green pea base. It also reminds me of green tiny apples.

There are many bases you can choose like oatmeal, leaves, corn or even just colored water.

Step 2: Choose the Embellishments

The embellishments is what is going to give you the theme of your bin. Since we are talking about fall I think of:

  • Fall leaves
  • Acorns
  • Nuts
  • Yellow, red and brown colors
  • Pumpkins

I gather all of those and added them to the bin – not too many but just enough to keep it inviting.

Step 3: choose the goal

When I set up a sensory bin I always like to have a goal in mind. For this bin I chose to work on fine motor skills using tongs.

Tongs are great as a pre-scissor skills, a skill important to master before Pre-K. To make it fun I placed a few silicone cups and see what he would be attracted to pick up with the tongs. Will it be the wooden nuts? The leaves? I left it open and sat back to discover the possibilities.

Now that I told you how I did mine, let’s see what the internet has created and get inspired!

Sensory Bins Using Fall Leaves

Sensory bins are a favorite for many moms because they get to be creative with the themes and the supplies. It can get messy if they start throwing the bin materials out of the bin so just make sure you either do it outside or have a “safe area” like a towel or rug underneath to catch it all.

Below are a few fall ideas great for motor skills development for toddlers you can recreate at home.

I went to the park and collected sticks, pine cones, and twigs, I also added some fake pumpkins from the dollar store to create this sensory bin.

When you think of fall, what comes to mind?

acorns, leaves, pine cones, Apple-shaped items, brown and orange items, etc..

Gather all of these materials and put them in a bin. You just made a fall sensory bin!

Fall Sensory Bin
Fantastic fun and learning

sometimes all you need is a bucket of leaves to create a sensory bin. Head over to the dollar store or your local craft store and buy these. The good thing about it? clean up is so easy!

fall sensory bin for toddlers
powerful mothering

Add a few drops of orange color to water and some play leaves and you have a water bin.

For toddlers, provide spoons and cups to practice pouring.

Autumn and fall activities for toddlers: a super easy water sensory bin for fall that works on fine motor skills
And next comes L

Popcorn kennel is a favorite bin filler. This one is best for older toddlers that do not put everything in their mouths. Play to hide the fall leaves or to scoop them up.



Use shredded paper for an easier cleanup

20 Fall Sensory Bin Ideas For Toddlers
maternity comfort solutions


Fun apple sensory bin for toddlers
and next comes l

Colored rice is a great base for a sensory bin.

20 Fall Sesnory Bins for Toddlers

Create an apple pie themed sensory bin with oatmeal, apples, and cinnamon.

Don’t want to waste your apples? use color pom-poms instead

Apple sensory play experience

Cereal is a great filler for sensory bins

Edible Apple Sensory Bin
frogs and snails and puppy dogtail

Make cloud dough with an apple scent by using 7 cups of flour, then add 1 cup of vegetable oil and mix with your hands. Then add a few sprinkles of apple pie spice for scent.

Fall is also Halloween season and there’s a lot of fun things you can create with orange and black.

Halloween black bat fine motor sensory bin for preschoolers and toddlers from Modern Preschool!
modern preschool

No matter which fall sensory bin you will sure have a blast playing! Don’t forget to supervise all play for safety.

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