Not-so-spooky Halloween Bath activity for kids

Halloween is coming! That’s right — time to get those costumes out and create some fall activities and halloween activities around spiders, ghosts, monsters and all tings spooky!

Celebrating Halloween with little babies or toddlers can be a lot of fun. Today we are setting up a simple but fun toddler activity that is also approved by babies! A simple bath setup is a great way to celebrate.

For the not so spooky Halloween bath you are going to need:

  • Orange Glow Sticks
  • Plastic Spiders

Both of our materias we found at the local Dollar Store. Each back of glow sticks came with 3 sticks and the spider bag came with 8 glitter spiders.

Want more spider activities? Check out our Itsy Bitsy Spider Week!

How to set up a not so spooky halloween bath

This activity is best to do it when is dark outside or on a bathroom that can be dark for the glow sticks to be seen.

Add some warm water to a bath tub and activate the glow sticks. If you are concerned about the glow sticks getting open or your little one putting it in their mouth, then go ahead and place them in a bottle of water to safely keep them contained.

Place the spiders around the tub and a few floating in. I found out that by placing the spiders around, it took a bit of the unknown factor and scary part from something being in the tub.

I also activated the sticks with him and allow him to shake them. Again, to take some of that fear out. After all, I think this was the first time we were playing with glow sticks – (well I don’t think he remembered last year’s Halloween party) Especially in a bath!

You can add bath soap to create some bubbles. This will allow for the water to look orange and diffuse the light hiding where the glow sticks are.

I also provided a net to catchh the spiders for my toddler to have some fun with the spiders.

halloween bath
Halloween bath using glow sticks and plastic spiders

Use Music

Allow for plenty of time to play and you can sit back and relax. For our themed baths, we love to play the music that matches the theme to sing along as we play.

Learning through play

Play is a great way to introduce learning while having fun. Here are a few things we practiced while we hang out in our not-so-spooky Halloween bath!

  • Counting: we counted all of our spiders, made groups and counted, threw one by one in the water as we counted and lastly counted which spiders where big and which where small.
  • Opposites: Because our set of spiders came in two sizes we worked on learning Big and Small
  • Phonics: S-Sound. We practice singing s is for spider S ls Ss Spider
  • Itsy Bitsy spider: and of course! We sang Itsy bitsy spider many many times! After all this activity was done as part of our spider week. A week full of spider activities!

Last thoughts

Creating theme baths can be a great sensory experience. It reduces the mess like a sensory bin would provide but still has all the learning benefits! Plus, it doubles as a real bath so is a win win!

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