The Mitten | Learning Patterns


Learn pattern-making with this mitten printable game.

You will need:

  • A printer (color printer or color pencils)
  • Scissors

Watch us play!



  • Skills:

    • Fine motor skills – Master little finger movements.
    • Mathematics – Shows understanding of patterns through interactive games and sensory


    • Mittens Printable Game (attached above)
    • Optional: cotton balls or Holiday Pom Poms


    How to:

    • Start with the AB pattern mat. Place the color mittens to learn the AB Pattern
    • Try to make the pattern using the blank mat
    • Repeat the learning process with the AABA pattern mat.
    • Try to make the pattern using the blank mat.
    • Once your child masters these two types of patterns, you can teach different, more advanced patterns; usually, AB and AABA are enough at age three, so don’t rush if you never get to the more advanced ones.
    • You can repeat this activity using other holiday manipulatives. Here are some ideas: Cotton balls, pom poms, marshmallows, playdough balls, buttons.