Tot School: Sink or float: an amazing toddler Science experiment

Anyone else a Blippi fan? We are, especially of his songs. Blippi has a few videos working on the toddler science experiment: sink or float skill, so when I set this up at home, Manu was too excited to test this out for himself.

The sink or float toddler science experiment consists of gathering a few materials and dropping them into a bucket of water. Then seeing (or guessing ahead of time) if they will sink to the bottom or float and stay on the surface.

Supplies for Sink or Float toddler science experiment

  • Bowl or container (preferably a clear one)
  • Water
  • Toys and household things that can get wet

Recommended age for this activity

We did this activity at 30 months old and kept it very simple. Just seeing what things sink or float.

This activity can be set up to be more challenging for older kids; I know in this activity is very famous during kindergarten, where kids have to complete charts and graphs and answer more questions.

Depending on your child’s age, customize the activity to make it challenging enough but not too challenge that they will get discouraged from participating.

What does sink or float teach toddlers

This sink or float experiment will teach your child the concept of buoyancy and density. Through their observations, they’ll learn that buoyant objects float and dense objects sink.

Of course, they won’t call it by that name but they will understand the concept about each one.

How to play sink or float

I like to involve my child as much as possible when doing activities, and this one was no different.

I provided a bowl and a pitcher of water; Allowing him to be the open pouring the water into the bowl. Pouring is also an activity I like for him to master, so involving him in this part is part of the fun.

toddler science experiment

And yes, I crossed my fingers that he didn’t pour it so fast that the water would completely miss the bowl and fall on the floor. He did awesomely, so then the fun began.

Prepare for the mess

This activity uses a lot of water. Make sure you prepare for the mess. Either place a beach towel under your bowl or so this activity outside.

Another mess-free option will be to do this activity in the bathtub.

Will it sink or float

Gather things that you can throw into the bowl. You can do this ahead of time, or you can walk around together and choose something that catches your little learners’ eye and discover together if it sinks or floats.

I’m very open to this allowing him to explore and throw in whatever he wants as long as it was safe, of course, and that the toy didn’t have batteries. We have ruined way too many toys that use batteries by him bringing it into the bathtub or pool.

Sometimes he chose things that were too big for the bowl, and even though I said “it won’t fit,” he needed to discover it by himself to believe me.

toddler science experiment: sink or float

This toddler science experiment is al about that, experimenting. So be open-minded with the items that you choose.

Ask questions!!

At the beginning of the activity throw in the item into the bowl and then say what happened.

“Oh! It sinks!”

Keep going for a while, and then once you know you’re toddler seems to identify what is sink and what is float, then ask questions before the item is dropped.

Do you think the Playdough will sink or float?

Blippi Sink or Float toddler science experiment VIDEO

RInse and repEat

Toddlers (well, actually all kids) learn through repetition. Repeat this activity several times throughout the week or month to ensure they understand the concept well.

Don’t stress if they don’t; after all, they will practice this to kindergarten. Focus on making it fun, engaging, and something to do together.

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toddler science experiment

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