Skeleton Glow in the dark Halloween sensory bottle

We have always been known to be THE Halloween house! I just love this holiday and love to make cool stuff for it. My latest creation: this glow in the dark Halloween sensory bottle using a mason jar.

Although I’m big on Halloween one thing I don’t like to do is to dress up. I like to bake hot-dogs that look like mummies or make the backyard a scary graveyard and go above and beyond to make this the coolest day for the kids, but one you won’t find me in a costume.

This glow in the dark hands sensory bottle makes me feel like a crazy scientist collected them in a lab for further inspection. We are the crazy scientists and now you get to be one too!

supplies needed

To make this Halloween sensory bottle you will need:

  • Small plastic mason jar
  • hair gel
  • green food coloring
  • 2 glow in the dark plastic hands

how to make a glow in the dark Halloween Sensory Bottle

Start by filling the mason jar about 1/4 with hair gel.

Add a drop (just one) of green food coloring and mix with a wooden stick.

Add another layer (about 1/4) of hair gel and mix a little so the top layer gets a bit of the food color to created a gradient effect.

Completely fill up the ray of the bottle with hair gel, but this time do not mix it. Leave a small room at the top for now.

Inspect the glow in the dark hands and place them as you wan. They will get suspended exactly as you position them so use a stick or tongs to accommodate them.

My initial idea was to add three hands in but when I saw that two were enough I left the third one out. I wanted to make sure you could tell what was inside, so adding the third one would have been too much and probably get too close to another hand that when putting it in the dark you would not have been able to see it. So I kept it safe and left it with just 2.

I love to get the kids involved as much as I can. Manu had a blast mixing the colors with the gel as well as putting the glow in the dark skeleton hands inside too.

The end result was a gradient effect with the gel and suspended hands. Next in the to-do list was to put it against a window to charge with the sun and test our experiment in the dark.

Halloween sensory bottle

I didn’t like that it was too white and was feeling it needed a bit more gradient look. I took a risk and shook the bottle a few times and good a cool side gradient effect.

Halloween sensory bottle glow in the dark

Although it was a rainy day, it did change a bit with the sun and I couldn’t wait to test it inside the closet. The result was so cool! The green reflects really nice into the gel making the bottle glow even more!

This one was a win! Next step, is to super-glue the cap so one one tries to open it (toddlers and their creativity!) and take out the hands out.

If you love Halloween and monsters, then you must try out the monster eye sensory activity! It is still a favorite around here!

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