Chocolate oobleck Recipe (an edible Mud sensory Activity)

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Create a taste-safe sensory activity using this Chocolate taste-safe oobleck Recipe ideal for babies and toddlers. I made this oobleck version during my baby sensory class as their first science experiment and it was a hit – so I know it will be a success for you too!

I have since repeated it a few times and every time this activity is a big win with babies and toddlers alike!

This chocolate oobleck Recipe is a taste-safe sensory play activity using a mixture of cornstarch, water and of course chocolate!

Why Create sensory play activities?

Sensory bins are great for development. I like to use themes to create inviting play ideas that will help them work on sensory-motor development while encouraging creative play. These fine motor skills are crucial skills used when entering Pre-K.

Aid your child to strengthen their hand and finger muscles too, later on, tie their shoes, button their jacket, and even hold a pencil!

Farm Theme Sensory bin using Chocolate Oobleck Recipe

Any activity related to edible mud is a great candidate for this sensory recipe. You can read Little blue Truck (Available in Amazon) and add some farm animals and trucks to your bin.

Another idea is to use just pigs and create a muddy pig sensory bin.

Tips for setting up your Chocolate Oobleck Activity

Chocolate oobleck recipe

When setting up I always like to use a messy mat (these are what I use for the class) under the bin.

I suggest for moms leave the babies in their diapers as this can get very messy! and when possible do it outside.

Before I start playing, I set up a water bin or kiddy pool to let the kids play and clean up. This makes cleaning up the extra oobleck out of legs and arms a lot easier and fun. You get two activities in one!

For this sensory bin, I used this recipe but modify it a bit to add some cocoa to create an edible-safe mud mixture.

Because some babies in the class have not yet tried milk, I made sure to use chocolate powder made with malt. This ensures that the chocolate mixture does not contain powder milk in it.

For our play elements we used a combination of bath toys in the shape of pigs and farm animals in different sizes.

I also added strainers from the kitchen to show the kids how the ooey-gooey oobleck mixture starts as a solid and slowly falls down! Have you had a baby obsessed with running water? The slow moving water is a win for babies and the oobleck slows downs and the kiddos love to touch it as it falls.

How to make chocolate oobleck Recipe To create an Edible mud sensory bin

Chocolate oobleck is super easy to make because all you need is two parts cornstarch to one part water plus a 1/3 part of cocoa or malt powder. To make chocolate oobleck we will add malt or you can do cocoa powder and add a little bit of extra water.

You will really need to feel it to get the consistency so go slow with the water and add a little bit at a time.

tip: to reduce the mess level with the cornstarch you can premake the oobleck before giving it to your toddler – not what I did here…

Play time Tips

Once your oobleck is ready, you can provide some play utensils to extend playtime. Use bath toys when playing with babies, cups, strainers, spoons when playing with toddlers. The magic of this sensory filler is the reaction when holding and releasing it over and over again.

chocolate oobleck recipe using a coffee cup and gingerbread cookies for a pretend hot chocolate sensory activity we did in December.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning up is easy! just soap and water will do. But be careful! Do not throw away the leftover oobleck over the drain because it can cause it to clog.

Instead, throw away the excess water on the drain but let the remaining cornstarch dry up. When it dry (usually 24hrs) scrape it – it will turn into a chalk-powder – throw it into the garbage can.

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