How to make a Christmas Tree sensory bottle for babies and toddlers

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One of my favorite icons about the Christmas holiday are the Christmas trees. I love the smell of a real Christmas tree and I love decorating it.

This is why this year I decided to create a Christmas tree sensory bottle. I’m keeping it simple using clear glue, Christmas tree confetti, water, and a little bit of green glitter.

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Step 1 – Gather The Supplies

To create this Christmas tree sensory bottle you will need:

  • 1 sensory bottle (we used a plastic small VOSS bottle)
  • 1 cup Clear Elmer’s Glue
  • Green Christmas tree confetti
  • Silver Christmas themed confetti (optional)
  • 1 Tbsp Light green fine grain glitter
  • Super-Glue (optional)

step 2 – Add confetti

I start by leaving only 3/4 of the water into the bottle and add the theme confetti.

The Christmas confetti that I got had a mix of red, silver, gold, and green. This bottle, I wanted to keep it in the shade of green so I separated the green and silver out the bag and added those to the bottle.

Christmas tree sensory bottle

Step 3 – add glitter

I added about 2 tsp of light green glitter into the bag. I wanted light green to keep the bottle in the green family but have a little bit of contrast against the dark green from the trees.

Step 4 – check quantities

At this point, I close the bottle, shake it around and ensure I have enough (or not too much) confetti in the bottle. If I like it, then I can go ahead and add the glue.

Christmas tree sensory bottle.

Step 5 – Add clear glue

I love to use clear glue to slow the movement of the glitter and confetti. The confetti is a lot heavier than the glitter so it will fall down a little faster than the glitter. I added about 1 cup of glue.

Step 6 – seal and Play

I close the bottle, shake the bottle and evaluate how things are falling. If I like it, I go ahead and super-glue the top.

If your glitter and confetti is falling too slow, you can empty a little bit of the bottle and add some water.

If the confetti is to fast, then do the opposite. Add more water.

NOTE: Leave some room at the mouth of the bottle in the top to allow some air, for the contents of the bottle inside.

The perfect Sensory Bottle

The perfect Christmas sensory bottle or calm down bottle is the one that you create with the amount of confetti you like and the speed into which. Don’t be afraid to experiment and if you run into issues, send me a message over on Instagram @kidactivitieswithalexa and we can figure it out together.

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