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Water beads can be a great sensory play filler for any sensory bin and today I’m showing you a baby-safe water beads recipe that is edible-safe and very fun!

If your baby still puts everything in his/her mouth, then the store-bought water beads can be dangerous. Instead of having to watch your baby like a hawk using regular beads, try a homemade baby safe water beads version instead.

As a sensory teacher, I’m always looking for new activities and ideas to offer my little learners. I love water beads but for my edible-safe class I have to constantly get creative.

I’ve seen water beads made with tapioca pearls which in the area that I live it’s been hard to find. I needed to find another option.

why not use store-bought water beads?

The danger of store-bought plastic water beads is that if swallowed by a child, it can cause an obstruction of the gastrointestinal track. That’s enough to scare anyone away from them!

If your little one doesn’t try to put things in his/her mouth, you can get the store-bought water beads. These are my favorite ones. These are made out super absorbent polymer that can swell up to 400 times their size when immersed in water.

Take these ideas with you!

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A safer option to Store-bought water beads

A lot of moms with little ones that still put everything in their mouth prefer edible-safe sensory activities, and today I bring you baby safe water beads; a messy sensory activity that is super simple to make.

Most recipes for edible water beads call for tapioca pearls (commonly found in Asian supermarkets). I like to use what I have at home, and it is easier to see at a local supermarket, and pearl couscous is always in my pantry. It is a type of pasta, but it tastes delicious! Especially with pesto.

Let’s get started with how to make our nutritious, delicious, and fun sensory activity using pearl couscous.

baby safe water beads

baby safe water beads for sensory play

Who Benefits from Edible safe activities?

Although babies and one-year-olds will benefit the most I think it is an activity that anyone that likes to play with sensory bins can benefit from.

I say babies and one-year-olds will benefit with these baby-safe water beads because they are the ones still putting everything in their mouths, so you want to look for safe materials while exploring sensory play.

Toddlers can use their scooping skills and play with different sensory tools. We focused on our pre-scissors skills using the scoop scissors during our play.

Sensory play setup

When it comes to sensory play it can often get messy! Even when you don’t think it will our little learners manage to find ways to make it messy.

I always try to do these activities outside, cleanup just seems easier. No mater if you do this inside or outside I recommend you use a blue tarp, a splash mat or a towel under your bin to catch any spills.

Provide spoons, cups and other sensory toys that can be used to work on fine motor skills. You can even add some water to make them extra slippery!

These water beads can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days, you can freeze them and reused them later as well.

if you like these baby safe water beads, then you should try the pasta is a safe sensory play activity! If you like this you might also like our zoo activity we made with edible spaghetti

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