How To Make Edible-Safe Puffy Paint Recipe

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When working with babies and toddlers that still put everything in their mouth I always have to get very creative! They deserve all the fun while discovering new texture.

There are many recipes to create edible paint, one of my favorites is this edible paint made with baby yogurt and watercolor edible safe paint. But when it comes to puffy paint nothing seem to keep the consistency like when you do regular puffy paint (the non edible type)

I created a super simple edible puffy paint recipe that only uses one ingredient plus food coloring. Ok, I probably didn’t come up with it because, let’s face it, everything you can think of was probably already invented. But, I did figure it out on my own. So, I’m taking full credit for being a sensory scientist 👩‍🔬.

Supplies needed to make edible puffy paint

  • Heavy cream whipped cream
  • food coloring
  • spoon 🥄
  • bowls (one per color)

Need a quick and easy activity for your kids to do? This activity will provide hours of entertainment in a pinch. And the best part? It’s non-toxic and safe to eat, which is a major bonus if your little learners try to put everything in their mouths.

easy to Make

It is so easy to make I will show you in 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Pour whipped cream into a bowl

edible puffy paint

Step2: Add food coloring (about 4-5 drops)

Step3: Ready to paint… or eat

A great option to make this recipe is to make small quantities using an ice cube tray; this would be an excellent presentation for a baby playing with it as finger paint while sitting on a high-chair.

Safe for bathtub play

This edible puffy paint is great as a bathtub paint but be careful as it can make the floor a tiny bit slippery (it’s probably no big deal but my anxiety is always on high when we are in the bathtub even for the shower)

This DIY Edible Puffy Paint Is Fun to Play With and Safe to Eat!

Yes, it is totally safe to eat!! Even though my toddler no longer tends to put things in his mouth, he does enjoy very much edible sensory play. Especially this one as it tastes so sweet.

Paint on paper

It doesn’t always have to be a full on messy activity, you can offer this paint with a coloring page to see its texture come to live! It does take a little bit to dry and when it does it has a silky shiny texture. Very pretty if you ask me and it smells so sweet.

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