5+ Fun valentine’s Day Activities for babies

It’s time to celebrate love! The love for your baby. The love for your family, The love of this baby that you now get to hold and play with every day.

Finding Valentine’s Day activities to do with babies sometimes is not easy because once they put everything in their mouths and two they are not ready to do crafts. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and do some fun activities related to valentines.

Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day activities I do in my class for babies we have done in my sensory class to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Because babies still put things in his/her mouth right now we use edible paint or non-toxic paint and lots of safe materials to have fun while still being safe.

This post is all about Valentine’s Day activities for babies

1. Valentine’s Art Activity

valentine's Day Activities for babies

Painting is an activity you can do with babies using non-toxic paint or edible paint. For this Valentine’s Day Art Activity we glued a wood heart over a canvas and then used flowers to paint. Some babies and toddlers are not ready to hold paintbrushes to paint so it is best to let them do finger painting and explore textures while painting their canvases.

2. Handprint art | Valentine’s Day activities for babies

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to remember how little their hands are at this time. Create a simple handprint poster by painting their hands with washable paint and when dried, writing the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” Don’t forget to add the year to your art! you will want to remember this!

Valentine’s Day activities for babies are fun and a way to remember how tiny their hands are!

3. Valentine’s Day Edible Sensory Bin

One of my favorite sensory classes is my baby class! I get to be so creative in my activities and colored pasta is a favorite one!

For Valentine’s Day, I chose Farfalla pasta and colored it in pink and purple. The kids had a blast eating and playing with it! Will you try it? Here is the full activity tutorial.

4. Valentine’s Day Dry Sensory bottles

Sensory bottles or discovery bottles are not just fun to look at but they are very good for development.

I created 5 bottles to work on different senses and used bright colors to make them super interesting.

  1. Decorative rocks with hearts made out of pink and red foam sheets
  2. colored rice shaker. Add some raw rice to a zip-lock bag, add a splash of food coloring and vinegar, and shake. Lay to dry and then place the rice inside the bottle.
  3. bright red strings – to work on eyesight development and encourage curiosity
  4. Tea light string. These lights I found at Walmart and they are battery-operated. Light is soft so it won’t hurt your little ones’ eyes.

5. Valentine’s Day Glitter Sensory Bottle

Glitter and confetti sensory bottle. Add some glitter and confetti to the bottle and close it tight. To learn how to slow down the glitter when it falls check out this valentine’s day Glitter Sensory Bottle tutorial (here)

6. Valentine’s Day marshmallow sensory bin

Sensory bins are great for learning and exploring. When your baby still puts everything in her mouth you just need to get creative using edible materials.

For this class, I created a giant marshmallow pool! I added some red strings to call the baby’s attention and to see how they would interact with it. It was great seeing them taste the marshmallow for the first time and then watching them try to get the string from their hands.

The marshmallow made their hands sticky so it was fun to watch them try to get the strings off of their hands. Great for fine motor skills– hand movements, eye-hand coordination.

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