Valentine’s Day sensory bin using Colored Rice

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Looking to make an easy sensory bin to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Try this colored rice recipe using paint and play all month long.

I love to add this to my IKEA sensory table and leave it there all month long for my toddler to enjoy. It is also a favorite sensory recipe in my sensory classes.

For Valentine’s Day, I love to color things red and purple. those two colors go well together. Follow the recipe below for each color that you want to make.

This rice can be saved in a zip lock back once the season is over and you can take it out again next year.

This post is about creating a sensory bin for Valentine’s Day using colored rice

What to add to a Valentine’s Sensory Bin

Because we are playing with rice the skill we want to work on is transferring. For this add bowls, cups, spoons, muffin tins, and any other containers that allow for your child to transfer the rice from one side to the other.

Don’t forget to embellish it with heart items you find at your local dollar store!

Rice is one of those versatile sensory fillers that as you change the color it changes the mood. Add some valentines hearts found at the dollar store and provide some funnels and bowls. The rest, of the kids will come up with it!

Tip: Place a towel under your bin to catch all the rice that falls out.

How to Color Rice for Valentine’s Day

You can make one color or a rainbow of colors using this process. For Valentine’s Day, I like to do purple and pink rice.

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