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Make this bubble bath playdough recipe to make bathtime more exciting!

Let’s be real, sometimes toddlers don’t want to get in the bath and you have to get creative to do so. We have done sensory bathtime using glow sticks and today, we did playdough for the bath.

I was so impressed how easy it was to make, how consistent the dough stayed even when wet and how it was so easy to clean when done playing.

We didn’t have any soap leftover after playtime, but I’m sure if you place it on a dish in the tub it will be ready for playtime again and again.


Things I’ve learned from making this playdough

  • The soap you use will affect the playdough consistency. When I did the second batch, I replaced the castille soap with Honest baby bath and soap and it was too watery. I had to add more cornstarch and bakioda soda. When the final mix was done it didn’t stretch as when I used castille soap.
  • Floors will be slippery. Because of the soap and the baking soda inside of the playdough. this created a thin layer is created in some surfaces. This will make the tub a bit slippery so be careful.
  • Playdough can be reused. Any unused playdough can be drained from having any extra water and used next time.

Print your Bath Soap Playdough Recipe

Keep the instructions and quantities handy with this easy printable version of the recipe.

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