How to Color rice using Acrylic paint

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Rice is a great sensory material for sensory bins and sensory play. With just a few materials and 20 minutes, you can go from plain rice to having colored rice using acrylic paint to playing!

Color rice using Acrylic paint

Playing with colored rice feels very different than playing with colored chickpeas or even beans, yet they absorb and reflect the same vibe and color you get with colored beans.

Rice is very affordable, and once they are colored, they last a long time. I had mine for over two years. (it got wet so I threw it away and created a new batch).

Colored rice using acrylic paint is a quick way to set up a sensory bin and is great for sensory play.

Color gives it a special feel but you can even enjoy a rice sensory bin even when they are not colored like this setup below.

HOW TO MAKE COLORED Rice using Acrylic Paint {RECIPE}

Color Rice using Acrylic PAint Sensory Bin Inspiration

This color rice using acrylic paint sensory bin is common for spring. Rainbows are popular then so it’s a common theme to use.

I used it for a birthday party, and my inspiration was like ice cream with sprinkles. So I made my colored rice, added these ice cream play elements, colores pompoms, birthday candles and lots of bowls and scoops to encourage transfering skills. It was definitely a favorite at the birthday party!

For more inspiration, check out these bins coloring the rice different colors to change the theme.

Unicorn Colored Sensory Bin

Math rainbow bears Sensory Bin

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color rice using acrylic paint